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At Extreme Pyrotechnics, LLC. our first concern is safety. Very simply put, our job is to present a unique form of entertainment by using explosives. Before all else, we take every precaution and expend every effort to ensure a safe production. Our corporate Safety Officer mandates that all Extreme Pyrotechnics personnel be trained and their performance is audited to ensure that every production exceeds industry safety guidelines. Being safe is not just something we practice; it is built into our corporate structure and culture. We are training personnel for NIMS (National Incident Management System) compliance to interface seamlessly with fire department operation. Finally, everyone on the team cross checks each other’s work.

Extreme Pyrotechnics, LLC. provides full insurance in the amount of $5 million dollars for every turn key display. Extreme Pyrotechnics staff have been involved in actually creating the guidelines used by the underwriters to insure the pyrotechnics industry. All transportation of product is covered by $5 million dollars additional vehicle coverage as required by US DOT. Full coverage extends to all Extreme Pyrotechnics personnel.

Extreme Pyrotechnics' product is simply the best out there. Each item is designed or selected by our technical staff. We only accept the safest, most consistent performing and highest quality product on the market. Quality is something we don't take lightly. Color, pattern, and construction must comply with our extensive specifications or the product is rejected. The Technical Director of Extreme Pyrotechnics visits our suppliers overseas several times a year and spends over two months in China annually. Each item is inspected and samples are tested before an item is approved for shipment. No other display company goes to these lengths to ensure their product meets specifications. Because of this unique relationship with our suppliers, an Extreme Pyrotechnics’ display will often feature product effects new to the fireworks industry that are not yet available to other display companies. Extreme Pyrotechnics maintains one of the largest varieties of product effects in the display industry. There are hundreds of different effects that may be used in your display. Our catalog of products represents a broad spectrum of the best available. The current catalog is available online at

All Extreme Pyrotechnics, LLC. personnel have been licensed by the US BATFE as an employee/possessor of explosives. This requires a full federal background check and review. All Extreme Pyrotechnics personnel are insured under general liability. Each person on the production crew has been involved in an ongoing training and continuing education program. Extreme Pyrotechnics was founded on people doing the work they enjoy. And enjoying your work means you do your VERY best!

Mike Wagner
CEO-Extreme Pyrotechnics, LLC

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